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IoT and Automation for Hydroponics


IoT systems and Automation devices by Rise Hydroponics deliver superior performance for 24*7 and 365 days. Our teams are high on expertise in setting up high-tech devices that help manage your hydroponics farms with ease.

Hydroponics Farming



Precise Monitoring

Of Crop Growth, nutrition and aeration by the use of sensors that are installed throughout the polyhouse.

Saves Costs

That would have been spent on manual labor. This helps in adopting technology that helps raise the output of farms.

Easy Installation

With Rise Hydroponics that assigns professionals who have successfully designed and executed Automated systems on complex projects of large scale.

Quick Decisions

By use of real time data and an easy to understand dashboard of indicators.




Rise Hydroponics provides all the equipment needed for connecting sensors and other devices across the whole plant. We serve a wide variety of equipment, ranging from Transformers to Sensors for pH and Lighting to wifi-relay, plumbing kit and so much more.

Automated Dosing

AutoDoser setup for management of nutrients, Electrical Conductivity (EC) and pH levels with remote sensors and alarms. This helps you keep a control of systems by tracking live data and other stats right from your gadgets.

Climate Control

Hydroponics using IoT and automated devices helps in monitoring the humidity, Co2 levels, lighting, vapour pressure, water temperature, air temperature, water level and power consumption.

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