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Cocopeat Based Soilless Farm Development

Modern Farmers are shifting momentum to protected farming & with the aim of encouraging them to grow successfully with the best quality and reap the maximum from their investment, Rise Hydroponics is here to help you to avail the government subsidies, DPR,& other procedures as per the National Horticulture Board Norms.

These subsidies and other benefits are available on setting up the Soilless Farming Project and polyhouse structure development in India. Build your commercial farm easily with the pioneers of Modern Farming.

Our Standard Commercial Models For Outdoor Hydroponics


Every Space has its own features. In this regard, Rise Hydroponics gives you a flexibility to assess the models that work best for you.

All of our customers can choose from these outdoor hydroponics models and Rise Hydroponics will set up the farm as per the types of systems described below:

Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Techno-Economic Feasibility Report

Hydroponics Farming
Hydroponics Farming
Hydroponics Farming

Area analysis

Study of land surface

Water and power connection availability

Choice of optimal technology

Market analysis

Demand potential

Commercial profitability report

Government Clearance and Approval

Rise Hydroponics examines the feasibility study report in detail with respect to government norms and regulation, helping you to avail the government schemes for polyhouse subsidy in India.

Polyhouse farming is trending nowadays among modern farmers due to the polyhouse subsidy, high profits & various other benefits that one can acquire year-round.

Building Relationships Image

Project Design and development


  • Overall dimension of the polyhouse development
  • Design and development of polyhouse
  • Material required to construct the polyhouse
  • Construction of polyhouse
  • Growbag, Cocopeat filling
  • Drip irrigation installation
  • Fertigation unit installation
  • Crop selection
  • Planting material

Types of Polyhouse

Hydroponics Farming

Fan & Pad Polyhouse

This type of polyhouse is generally used to keep the….

Hydroponics Farming

Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

This type of polyhouse developed to solve the….

Hydroponics Farming

Shade Net House

A shade net house is a structure that’s made of agro nets. It allows….

Hydroponics Farming

Poly Shade Net house

A poly shade net house is made up of 100% polythene…

Hydroponics Farming

Tunnel House

A tunnel house is a polyhouse, a hoop house or hoop greenhouse…

Hydroponics Farming

Dome Type Shade Net House

A dome-type shade net house is unique because of its….

Wish to Own Profitable Hydroponics Farm ?


Let Us Help you with selecting crops of fruits, herbs and veggies that sell well in national and international markets.


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