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Who We Are

Rise Hydroponics is a leading organization that’s boosting India’s supremacy for a sustainable future, by setting up profitable hydroponics farms that grow residue free crops for all year round.


Our Mission

Rise Hydroponics is working on a Big Mission to empower 5000 Urban Farmers to adapt modern hydroponics farming methods by 2023.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to make agriculture a sustainable business by 2030.
Our efforts are directed towards promoting food grown in a soilless medium.

Healthy Food, Healthy Future

We help you RISE towards a Hydroponics future.


Hydroponics Is The Real Answer To Global Food Production

By 2050 the World’s Population is expected to grow by another 2 Billion people. And feeding an enormous population demands more food. On the other hand, urbanization and industrial development have led to a loss of arable lands.

As a responsible organization, Rise Hydroponics has served the best answer to the problem of less food and rising population. We have dedicated ourselves to raising crops with high quality seeds, water and nutrients.

Moreover we are recording absolutely amazing responses from people, who live in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Indore, etc. There’s no doubt in the fact, that so many Indian States are adapting Profitable Hydroponics Farming.

*90% Water Saved in Hydroponics Farming

*10X More Yield Grown with Soilless Farming

*2nd Largest Market for Hydroponics Products (Asia)

*14% CAGR expected during 2018-2023

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Our Core Values That Make Us the Top
Hydroponics Company of India


Quality Services

Rise Hydroponics assigns topmost priority to quality services. We commit ourselves to setup sturdy hydroponics farms with best in class technology used Inside them.


Planning & Strategy

Project Design and Hydroponics Consultation by Rise Hydroponics are worked upon in advance, so as to ensure maximum output.


Clients Satisfaction

Our proficiency in commissioning hydroponics farming projects of all sizes, has gained us special trust from all clients.


Independent Staff

Rise Hydroponics devotes an extraordinary team of agronomists, engineers, R&D executives to all hydroponics projects we execute across India.

Wish To Work With Rise Hydroponics?

Truth be told, this is a very exciting time for Indian Hydroponics Industry. It's raising an impressive range of crops.
Right from baby tomatoes to swiss chards and iceberg lettuce, there's a lot of scope, even for the international distribution of crops. Come let's deliver good food to our citizens.
We welcome you to be a part of India's Fastest Growing Hydroponics Company- Rise Hydroponics.

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By 2050 the world’s population is expected to grow by another 2 billion people, and feeding it will be a huge challenge. Due to industrial development and urbanization, we are losing arable lands every day. Scientists say that the Earth has lost a third of its arable land over the last 40 years. The food production system is facing a great challenge to guarantee a food supply for our ever growing population in a sustainable way.


The adoption of Hydroponics is increasing day by day in India and certainly looks like the way of the future to meet the food needs of human beings as it is not only environmentally friendly but also more economical than traditional farming giving better results while being pesticide & residue free.

Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Jaipur, Udaipur are adapting the same at a very rapid rate, for commercial farming.


What Our Clients Say

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