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Types of Hydroponics System

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Hydroponics Systems Installation

From Shopping Malls to Big Corporate Houses and from Premium Clubs to Hotel Chains, Rise Hydroponics is trusted by clients of all sizes and types to install Different kinds of hydroponics systems at their spaces.

Here’s a quick lowdown of the various types of hydroponics systems:

Types of Hydroponics Systems

In a Flat Bed NFT Hydroponics system, plants are lined up on horizontal layers. Tube like channel holds the plants in small net pots.

And the roots are suspended at the bottom of the net pots, so that right in the tube itself, water solution passes through it and the roots also get exposed to air for gaining adequate oxygen.

This setup is in the shape of English alphabet “A”. Here, the water flows in a single direction from the top level and then to the next levels below each of them.

This ensures nutrient rich water is easily supplied to all the plants that are part of this A-Frame. A-Frame is preferred for its Excellent Aeration and Optimal use of space as well as water.

Also known as Bato Bucket System, Dutch Bucket uses buckets as a growing medium for the hydroponics crops. These buckets are filled with materials like coco peat, clay balls, etc. that hold the roots and provide good aeration. In this system, nutrient solutions are mixed with the water which is then supplied to the roots by drippers.

It also gives you this freedom of setting a timer for supplying the required amount of nutrient rich water at fixed intervals.

Grow Bags are filled with soil medium like coco peat slabs. As per the customer requirements, Rise Hydroponics sets up grow bags that are available in different sizes and volumes.

Best part is, they give enough room for the roots to expand further. Grow Bags have been found to be suitable for growing tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, etc. on hydroponics farms.

Here, the roots of plants are sunk in water so that they gain adequate amount of nutrients.

And for oxygenation, air pumps and air stones are added to the water reservoir. With DWC method, plants grow real fast and big in size.

Also called as Tower Garden System, here plants are vertically grown on cylindrical shaped tall towers. Vertigo Towers have proven to be very good for growing leafy vegetables, herbs and shrubs.

In these towers, a small pump supplies water by dripping, irrigating and recirculation. Drippers carry a nutrient and mineral rich water solution over the roots and plants. Here too you can fully control the time intervals of water supply.

Booming Population Calls For Higher Demand of Tasty and Healthy Food.

This is the best time to adopt hydroponics farming and produce 10x more output than soil based farming. Let's choose sustainable farming and feed something nutritious to the future of our country- our citizens.

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