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Polyhouse Structure Development

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Polyhouse Structure Development

Polyhouse Structure : Rise Hydroponics has shown extraordinary results in setting up poly house structures for hydroponics based farms. By using top quality materials, we ensure, that highest quality and durability are maintained for the longest time possible along with setting right conditions
for growing healthy crops of fruits, veggies and herbs.


Here’s more to everything that Rise Hydroponics works upon, while installing strong poly house structures.

Polyhouse Structure Types

Polyhouse Structure

Fan & Pad Poly House

This Poly House uses fans and pads for regulating the temperature of the whole poly house. Cool air is maintained inside the Poly house to assure right levels of humidity, ventilation, etc.

Polyhouse Structure

Naturally Ventilated Poly House

In this type of Polyhouse Structure, air vents are
installed inside the structure.

These vents are inter connected and
get the Hot air outside
the Polyhouse Structure.

Polyhouse Structure

Poly shade Net House

Shade Nets are used to restrict the intensity of sunlight. Materials used to build the nets are selected on the basis of light That’s actually needed by the various plants raised in the Polyhouse Structure.

Polyhouse Structure

Shade Net House (Flat Roof)

Flat Roof Shades are used to overcome the problem of severe sunlight during summers. It comes as a UV Stabilized Shade, with flat roof made of polyethylene that can even withstand wind velocity of up to 140 kmph.

Flat Roof Shade Nets for hydroponics, is used to grow crops regardless of the climatic conditions that exist outside.

Polyhouse Structure

Tunnel House

These are commonly known as Poly tunnels, High-Tunnels or grow tunnels. Tunnel House are used to create a micro-climate, that’s maintained as per the temperature and humidity needed by the crops.

Poly tunnels for hydroponics, are easy to install and are way too cheaper than the price asked for installing a greenhouse structure.

Polyhouse Structure

Dome Type Shade Net House (Gothic Arch)

Dome Type Shade Nets for Hydroponics, offers the same benefits as that of Poly Shade Nets and Flat Roof Shade Nets. It’s just the design of dome shade nets that make it look visually appealing. Surprisingly, this is the top choice of clients for Polyhouse Structure, as observed by Rise Hydroponics while working on multiple projects.

High Quality Services


Rise Hydroponics always goes a long way to extend our services that are necessary for smooth functioning of the hydroponics farms Commissioned for all our clients.

Poly House Automation
Poly House Automation

We install sensors that monitor temperature, record time intervals of water supply, grow light timings and other stats that can be accessed by just one tap on your screen.
Our in-house Software engineers install the latest Autodoser Software for reporting and assessment of various parameters.

Agronomy Service
Agronomy Service

With Rise Hydroponics, you gain the assistance of highly experienced agronomists who pay routine visits to assess the Crop Production, Nutrient preparation, monitoring of pH and EC and overall Health of crops.

Marketing Support
Marketing Support

We have an experienced team of creative designers, brand managers and sales executives, who’ll help our clients to access market, establish distribution channels and link the supply with retail channels too.
It’s only with Rise Hydroponics, that you enjoy all these services.

All Seeds Supply for Green House

We procure high quality seeds for all kinds of crops grown inside the greenhouse. Our teams will even go a step further to arrange for seeds of exotic plants to be grown using hydroponics.

Banking & Government Support

Our in-house Financial Consultants are well equipped with the banking process, documentation and funding facilities. Rise Hydroponics will even assist you to get eligible for availing subsidy schemes of state governments and concerned national departments.

Trough Setups

This service gains utmost importance because a lot depends on its maintenance. Trough setup refers to setting up the reservoir tank, fixing pipes and hoses to it, that carry the nutrient-rich water solution to the tubes that have roots exposed inside them. And special emphasis is laid on the recirculation of water that constantly supplies minerals and nutrients for plant growth.

Soil-less Cultivation

Choosing phase wise growing of different crops from a wide variety like lettuce, basil, cherry tomatoes, kale, baby spinach, etc. and setting up the right hydroponics systems for the crops.

Grow Bags Setup

Our Food Science experts prepare the right mix of soil medium that’s filled in the grow bags that hold the roots. We even prepare the whole layout of the plant, that in turn tells us about the capacity of grow bags needed in the space concerned.

Green House Accessories Supply

From choosing net shades of various capacities to getting the best price for building materials, we assist you to find and buy good quality greenhouse accessories.


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