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Outdoor Hydroponics Farm Setup



The outdoor hydroponics technique is a type of controlled environment agriculture which allows you to grow various type of leafy greens and vine crops, where you can save water use by up to 90%, requires 80 to 95 percent less area, and produce all year round. Thus you can setup your own indoor or outdoor commercial profitable farm easily.

Rise Hydroponics is  a well-recognized part of the Indian Hydroponics Industry. We take the full onus to install and set up Turnkey Outdoor Hydroponics Project Development that allows you to avail the benefits of a completely automated farm with year round production.

Our Standard Commercial Models For Outdoor Hydroponics


Every Space has its own features. In this regard, Rise Hydroponics gives you a flexibility to assess the models that work best for you.

All of our customers can choose from these outdoor hydroponics models and Rise Hydroponics will set up the farm as per the types of systems described below:

Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Our Process


From Site Assessment to installing state-of –the-art-technologies And from raising full grown crops to branding and sales, Rise Hydroponics Supports Hydroponics project of all sizes and types.

Want a Sneak Peek ?

Come, Let’s take up each activity and progress further.

Feasibility Study

Site Feasibility

  • Study Locality
  • Land Levelling
  • Examine Electricity & Water Availability
  • Material Required to setup farm
  • Make suitable structure for your commercial farm

Financial Feasibility

  • Grow crops successfully
  • Farm forecasting for better performance & ROI
  • Area Study & Market Research
  • Equipment to grow crops
  • Sales & Marketing Support

Technical Feasibility

  • IoT Automation
  • Irrigation and Fertigation Unit
  • Training to manage EC, pH, TDS, etc.
  • Climate control management 
  • Crop cycle management training

Project Design



The orientation of the farm is a solution involving wind direction, location flexibility, and temperature control type. The Farm design should be based on scientific principles that allow for a protected environment for plant development.

Wind Effects

The polyhouse structure should be able to withstand the wind velocity of 110 km/h to avoid the future damage and to enable adequate structural safety.

Polyhouse Structure Design

The components like size, spacing, height and materials used for the  polyhouse structure must be designed specifically to ensure the required standards of safety, functionality, structural stability, and compatibility of the farm.

Irrigation and Fertigation System Installation

The Automatic Dosing System (ADS) is installed for the real time nutrition measurement and provides the exact amount of nutrition rich solution directly to the roots of the crop to get a productive yield with less effort.

Crop Selection

Crop selection is mainly driven by the market demand and Prioritizing output that is focused on superior quality by combining practical experience with cutting-edge scientific technology.

Expert Consultation

Consultancy support will be provided to understand the current scenario, future prospects, investment, ROI, and other relevant things regarding modern farming technique with our experienced industry experts.

Project Development


Polyhouse Structure Development

Rise Hydroponics has shown extraordinary results in setting up poly house structures for hydroponics-based farms. Based on particular requirements and criteria, two distinct types of temperature controlled polyhouse structures are being developed for hydroponics farming.

Fan & Pad temperature controlled Polyhouse structure 

Fan & Pad polyhouse is used to control the temperature and humidity of the farm as plants require an optimum conditions for maximum yield and quality.The internal temperature of the farm can be controlled with these fans and pads.

We install sensors on your farm to monitor and control the farm temperature, water temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, pH, TDS, etc. This will help you in better assessment of various parameters of your farm.

Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse Structure

The Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse is developed to solve the challenges of ventilation and humidity by achieving optimum air exchange  while also reducing energy costs utilizing environmental controls.

Roofs with specialised features are designed to shed rain and Increases crop production by providing suitable controlled environment and other parameters such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, irrigation, Fertigation, and integrated pest management are monitored and controlled throughout the season.

Hydroponics System Installation

At Rise Hydroponics we develop the Hydroponics system based on the crop selection and what the plant requires the most to grow strong and healthy, and provide the perfect optimum conditions around it.

NFT ( Nutrient Film Technique )

NFT system or the nutrient film technique is one of the most versatile and popular hydroponics systems that use a pump for delivering nutrients & water to the crops. There is also a drain pipe for recycling unused nutrient rich  solutions. 

We at Rise Hydroponics use UPVC pipes that cause no harm to the crops and allow them to grow healthily. It is highly suited to grow exotic and Indian leafy green crops such as lettuce, broccoli, spinach, bok choy, basil, etc. 

Deep Water Culture

In Deep Water Culture the roots are kept in the nutrient-rich solution water for 24/7. This system is highly suited for large crops or especially for those with big roots. This system is not so costly & less complicated to use. 

In this you can grow crops like head lettuce, kale, okra, large leafy greens, etc.

Dutch Bucket

Dutch bucket or say Bato bucket system are extremely popular and can be easily installed for any indoor or outdoor hydroponics farm.

This method helps to grow all vine crops and bushy crops.

Irrigation and Fertigation system

Fertigation is the method to supply nutrients to the plants with the help of autodoser.

The nutrients rich water is directly delivered to the roots of the plants as per the specific plant’s requirement to get the superior quality crop yield in half time.

IoT Automation

IoT Automation helps you to connect with your farm easily & operate it from wherever you are. It helps you to save time and avoid errors while growing crops.

It is utilised to transmit the retrieved data from the sensors places in the farm to the internet , and a mobile app is used to convey the current status of the farm to the operator through the internet to their mobile phones, allowing for simpler monitoring and managing the optimum conditions of your farm.

Operational Training

Rise Hydroponics conducts special training sessions for the workers who’ll take up the responsibility of running these farms after we set up the project. Handling of equipment, germination of crops, testing the sensors, etc. are the modules imparted to the workers.

Outdoor hydroponics


Rise Hydroponics offers a range of flexible AMC Plans with some timelines that extend even beyond 12 Months. As per AMC, our team visits the hydroponics farms at an interval of every 2 months and shares the findings with the clients. Well, there’s a lot more about the support extended by AMC.

Outdoor hydroponics

Agronomy Support

Testing of Plants, their quality and scope of adding new crops are also studied and suggested to the clients.

This is performed by Experts of agronomy and hydroponics cultivation, who are associated with Rise Hydroponics.

Outdoor hydroponics

Crops Planning & Management

Right from selecting the crops of fruits, veggies and herbs to growing them, monitoring them and storing them, all these activities are covered under crops planning.

Moreover, proper storage facilities are also set up for safekeeping of the crops with strict parameters that demand good quality to be delivered to consumers.

Outdoor hydroponics

Branding, Marketing and Sales Support

The Hydroponics market is booming and so are the new entrants making their way into this field. During these times, product differentiation and creative marketing plays a big role in winning the customers.


But, with Rise Hydroponics by your side, you also gain full support for sales and distribution of the hydroponically grown crops to clients of all sizes.

Benefits Of Outdoor Hydroponics Farm


Manage the Farm Easily

Grow Higher Yields

Maintain Consistency

More Sustainability

Higher Profits

Great ROI


New Treasure of Business

Explore Our Story


Rise Hydroponics is the Largest CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Project Developers in Hydroponic Farming and Soilless Farming. We owe everything to the trust placed in us, by all our clients for the hard work we put in, to serve the widest range of Protected farming models in India.

Rise Hydroponics takes pride in designing and developing end to end IoT based automated climate-controlled outdoor hydroponics farm that provide a consistent supply of superior quality yield year round.

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