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Outdoor Hydroponics Farm Setup



Outdoor Hydroponics: Rise Hydroponics is now a well-recognized part of the Indian Hydroponics Industry. We owe everything to the trust placed in us, by all our clients for the hard work we put in, to serve the widest range of hydroponics based farming models in India.

We take the full onus to install and setup Poly house Structures for Outdoor Hydroponics based farming. Plus, these soil-less farms enjoy climate control, sensor based Monitoring and maintenance by Agritech experts.

Our Standard Commercial Models For Outdoor Hydroponics


Every Space has its own features. In this regard, Rise Hydroponics gives you a flexibility to assess the models that work best for you.

All of our customers can choose from these outdoor hydroponics models and Rise Hydroponics will set up the farm as per the types of systems described below:

Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Outdoor hydroponics


Benefits of CEA Based Outdoor Hydroponics Farming

CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) CEA simply means, using an enclosed structure to grow crops, that are kept safe from unwanted external influences.
This method helps ensure best growing conditions for the crops.

Poly House Farming

Saves Space by using Greenhouse structures that are installed at any suitable location. Moreover, these farms yield 10x more crops
Than field based farming that takes up large chunk of land.

Rise Hydroponics helps you gain these benefits of Polyhouse Farming:

  • Minimises the chances of Crop Loss or Damage
  • Provides Relief from Pests & Insects
  • Zero Impact of External Climate
  • Ensures Higher Nutritional Value of Crops
  • Reduces the duration of cropping, thereby giving flexibility for more crop rotations

Protected Farming

With CEA based farms we never need herbicides and pesticides. It’s because the crops have only fewer pests or weeds to fight. And this also means the food grown here is clean and pure.

These are the Benefits of Protected Outdoor Hydroponics:

  • Saves Crops from Bad Weather
  • Helps Save Water by Using it with High Efficiency
  • Protects the crops against diseases
  • Maximizes Off-season Crop Yield too
  • Helps in Integrated Crops Management at Hydroponics Farm Setups
  • Improves Crop Productivity

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Climate Control Outdoor Hydroponics

IoT based climate sensors work 24*7 to monitor and regulate the inside temperature. Adequate amount of humidity, light and other factors are maintained, to ensure good health of food, grown at Outdoor Hydroponics farms.

Climate Control at Outdoor Hydroponics Farms, helps in these ways:

  • Plants Get Better Growing Conditions
  • Easy Monitoring by Personal Gadgets
  • Sensors show live reports of power usage and other factors
  • Regulates Temperature, Lighting & Humidity
  • IOT Sensors also help in monitoring the nutrient supply

Customized Crops

With CEA, crops can be grown for all year round, regardless of the seasons. It also means you get to consume fresh food at all times.

Let’s see how Customized Crop Growth is beneficial:

  • Maximizes Profitability
  • Best for Growing Exotic Crops
  • Crop Diversity gives access to new markets
  • Gives Flexibility of growing crops as per market demand
  • Boosts Demand because of consistent production of particular crops

Our Process

From Site Assessment to installing state-of –the-art-technologies And from raising full grown crops to branding and sales, Rise Hydroponics Supports Hydroponics project of all sizes and types.

Want a Sneak Peek ?

Come, Let’s take up each activity and progress further.

Site Feasibility Study



A detailed project report on multiple technical and financial indicators considered for setting up of Hydroponics Project

  • * The kind of materials needed
  • * The structures needed to support the brilliant farming setup.
  • * It goes even a step further to perform local market research.
  • * This 360 degree research reveals a lot about the consumer preferences in detail.
Hydroponics Farming


Financial Feasibility Reports Detailed Reports on technical parameters like


  • * Most suitable length of pipes
  • * Tensile strength of the materials used in installing polyhouses and a lot more
  • * Prepared by our team of experts from fields like engineering, agronomy, biology, etc.


When it comes to financial parameters, multiple financial statements and other important

particulars are prepared with the help of experts from the fields of banking, finance, etc.

Core Result: In all, this study is highly useful as it helps in understanding the inherent benefits

and risks of the project.

Wise Strategy: On top of that, a detailed appraisal of the financial and technical indicators of

the project, sets down a very lucid timeline for infusing right amount of money and resources into the project.

Hydroponics Farming

Project Design



Value Added: Lays down the framework for optimal use of available resources, like land, labour, capital, water, electricity and modern techniques,

Crucial factors like :

  • * Floor design
  • * Setting up of exhaust fans and foggers
  • * Installation of Water circulation systems, and
  • * Pilot tests of the performance of multiple hydroponics system
  • * Cost Effective Designs

Form the list of initial tasks. Eventually tasks like setting the pH and EC limits of the water in circulation are also set as per the variety of plant crops to be grown. The best part is, Real time monitoring data of every day is made available on all devices connected to the central system.

Hydroponics Farming


Considering the long-term goals, multiple strategies are prepared for timely execution of setup installation that is cost effective. Other factors like:

  • * Land use plans
  • * Obtaining essential approvals and
  • * Assembling of structures

are all designed and commissioned as per the project requirements.

Operational Training

Rise Hydroponics conducts special training sessions for the workers who’ll take up the responsibility of running these farms after we set up the project. Handling of equipment, germination of crops, testing the sensors, etc. are the modules imparted to the workers.

Outdoor hydroponics


Rise Hydroponics offers a range of flexible AMC Plans with some timelines that extend even beyond 12 Months. As per AMC, our team visits the hydroponics farms at an interval of every 2 months and shares the findings with the clients. Well, there’s a lot more about the support extended by AMC.

Outdoor hydroponics

Agronomy Support

Testing of Plants, their quality and scope of adding new crops are also studied and suggested to the clients.

This is performed by Experts of agronomy and hydroponics cultivation, who are associated with Rise Hydroponics.

Outdoor hydroponics

Crops Planning & Management

Right from selecting the crops of fruits, veggies and herbs to growing them, monitoring them and storing them, all these activities are covered under crops planning.

Moreover, proper storage facilities are also set up for safekeeping of the crops with strict parameters that demand good quality to be delivered to consumers.

Outdoor hydroponics

Branding, Marketing and Sales Support

The Hydroponics market is booming and so are the new entrants making their way into this field. During these times, product differentiation and creative marketing plays a big role in winning the customers.


But, with Rise Hydroponics by your side, you also gain full support for sales and distribution of the hydroponically grown crops to clients of all sizes.

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Hydroponics Farming


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