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Subsidy Based Soil Less Agriculture Farm

Soil Less Agriculture: Rise Hydroponics helps you to avail government subsidies granted on setting up hydroponics farms or Soil Less Agriculture Farming in India.

Our in-house consultants are highly knowledgeable of the Terms of the subsidy schemes applicable in different states of India.

Moreover, we also help you with documentation and other necessary tasks to be performed before showing eligibility for the subsidy.

Subsidy Based Soil Less Agriculture Farming Models

Come let’s take a tour of the Subsidy Based Soil Less Agriculture Farming Models.

These are the poly house structures that need fans and cooling pads to maintain an optimal temperature suitable for the hydroponics crops. Mostly it is used in places that experience hot climates.

Moreover, Rise Hydroponics also serves you this option of gaining high yield By raising the plants from Grow bags. These grow bags are made of material that’s reusable as well as combats UV Radiation too. So, this is highly beneficial for the roots of herbs, fruits and veggies.

These poly house setups, save your money by maintaining natural ventilation and release of hot air through an inter-connection of vents.

Rise Hydroponics designs and installs customized naturally ventilated poly house that takes care of different crops grown under the whole setup.
Plus, these setups can even withstand wind speeds that range anywhere between 100-130 Kmph.

Net House or Shade nets as they are commonly called, are enclosed structures made of high tensile materials that protect the plants from excess sunlight. These Net House Structures also protect the crops against
damage from pests, birds, insects etc.

Rise Hydroponics helps you choose from a diversity of shade nets that are made to cut down on the light intensity and pass only the light that’s actually required.

Rise Hydroponics designs, builds and installs subsidy based Soil Less Agriculture for hydroponically grown crops for these land sizes and more:

  • 1 Acres
  • 2 Acres 
  • 3 Acres

Wish to Own Profitable Hydroponics Farm ?


Let Us Help you with selecting crops of fruits, herbs and veggies that sell well in national and international markets.


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