7 Myths About Hydroponics Agriculture

Hydroponics Agriculture

Hydroponic Agriculture You know the rumor mill is constantly churning, and the false facts are always spreading! Do you see how damaging that is? As of now, many sources have made some bizarre claims that outside air works better for hydroponics plants. But, the actual fact is that the air outside is colder and can cause bugs, humidity, and temperature problems. Indoor air is way better and is closer to the optimum temperature. There is a higher CO2 level because we breathe all the time.

Thus, you must release the extracted air outside and draw in air from inside by all means. This myth was one of the many myths that surround hydroponic plants. Do you wish to know many more? Well, keep all ears because we are about to bust as many as 7 myths related to hydroponics farming method. Read on.

1. It is a new technology

The hydroponic agriculture is not a new technology at all. This is because Hanging Gardens in Babylon was actually the first to put the hydroponic system to process. Moreover, fruits and crops that grew all across Egypt were grown by hydroponic systems. Do you see how there is no novelty in the system?

2. Indoors is where you can grow your hydroponic plants (NOT)

Have you ever seen gardening only happening in a greenhouse? Therefore, how can you expect hydroponic agriculture to work indoors only? This system can be used both outside and inside commonly known as Outdoor Hydroponic and Indoor Hydroponics. Just think of it as a technique of gardening. This myth probably took birth from the fact that you can care better inside than out. Have a look at the figure that explains it well.

Hydroponic Agriculture

3. Hurrah! No need for pesticides

Pests attack any garden. That is because there are weak plants in every garden. These weak plants are pest-prone and are highly vulnerable. Thus, just keep a close eye on your setup. This carefulness will prevent intruders. However, you may find yourself needing to use some pesticide if the situation goes out of hand. In the figure below, you will discover potent ways to keep pests at bay.

  • Spot pests
  • Let some pests be taken care of by environmental changes
  • Use gentle methods to remove pest
  • Disrupt its reproduction cycle by giving a good spray down with hose pipe
  • Use natural solutions especially the one that guarantees safety
  • Use sticky traps to kill pests with shorter life cycles
Hydroponic Agriculture

4. Hydroponic agriculture is expensive

Do your regular hobbies burn a hole in your pocket? No! It is the same with this system as well. For starters, anyone who desires to grow hydroponic plants can make the best use of available systems in their homes. After that, if you feel the need to upgrade, then you can begin adding several things.

5.DIY and hydroponics do not go hand in hand

The most deceptive myth is thinking that you cannot DIY a hydroponic system on your own. Well, all that the system requires is a start with the simplest approach. The very first thing you can do is get a tank or bucket and fill it with an excellent growing medium. Yes, it does require research regarding the basic requirements.

Hydroponic Agriculture

But once you have garnered enough information, you will do perfectly fine. Here is a method you can follow.

  • Use a Styrofoam sheet
  • Place some net cups on the sheet
  • Release it
  • Permit it to flow around

6.The hydroponic agriculture is harmful to the world outside

Hydroponic Agriculture

There is nothing that gets as eco-friendly as this gardening method. In fact, if you are a green warrior, then this method is the ideal choice for you. It does not harm the environment in any manner. If truth be told, then you will be shocked to know that conventional gardening is the one that depletes resources. You need a lot of water for the usual gardening system that causes the waste to end up in streams, lakes, and other water sources.

7.Hydroponic Agriculture is man-made

This sad myth needs to be busted. How can a system that allows the plants to grow at their own pace be artificial? In fact, this system is a natural event by all means. Hydroponics works on the principle that you have to offer all that the plant requires for healthy growth. Yes, human involvement is definitely there, but it is confined to the setup construction. You may also have to install additional lighting sources besides other things, but this method is the most organic growing method.

Fallacies disproved!

The Hydroponic system simply requires you to provide for the plant’s basic needs. All you need is nutrient-enhanced water in your setup, and you are good to go. Without spending gazillions, or any sophisticated grow lights, you can grow your herb garden. Having a green thumb is never the need of the hour!