Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat Is Booming. #9 Reasons

Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat : For Gujarat, the soil is no bar. That is because the farmers in Gujarat are going all hi-tech. They are eyeing the massive export market of exotic flowers and various other fruits. This soilless system of plant cultivation has helped them cultivate hybrid tea roses and several varieties of it. In a state known for its record harvests of cotton and sugarcane crops for generations, this is a miraculous change in gears by the farmers.

Would you believe that local experiments in Gujarat have also proven that exotic crops like tomatoes, green garlic, and strawberries can be grown with this imported technology? Well yes! And, believe us when we say that South Gujarat has made the best use of this system to produce as many as 10 million stems of rose. All of these stems are now being flown overseas to Europe, Japan, and New Zealand’s flower markets. Sounds surreal, isn’t it? Of course, but another good news is that the region sets the target of producing 20 million rose stems all by the hydroponics system.

Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat

Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat

We do agree that set up costs accompanying hydroponics systems are higher per hectare, but with superior quality of crops and higher yield, there is hardly anything you can ignore about it. Here are 9 potent reasons as to why Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat Is Booming.

Do you know?Governmental support is essential to run any farming activity, and the Gujarat government is encouraging city dwellers to grow crops in their houses via hydroponics farming. It is also preparing to provide do-it-yourself videos for the same.

1. Easy availability of nutrient solutions

nutrient solutions

Shunning soil has brought about a lot of profits for the Gujarati farmers. That is because the soil-less culture or hydroponics is a technology that lets the plants grow in nutrient t solutions. This farming method requires an inert medium such as cocopeat, coir dust, sawdust, or gravel in place of soil. Either of these inert mediums is required for supplying essential elements to the plant. Your nutrient solution will reach the plant through any of these mediums and provide the much-needed mechanical support.

Do you know?In India, you can easily find cocopeat, especially in Gujarat; the easy availability of coconut fiber has led to the incredible boom of hydroponics.

2. High-density production in areas with unfavorable climate and soil conditions

What are the main attractions for a farmer, according to you? Did you think of the superior quality of crops and a higher yield percentage? Well, if you did, you are 100-percent right. Gujarati farmers in Kuched village have achieved a 30 percent rise in their production by installing the hydroponics system on just 6 hectares.

The system’s advantage of controlling the plant’s growth by regulating the nutrients and water amount fed to the plants has been the principal USP. According to experts, this technology achieves high-density production and helps grow in regions of Gujarat where ideal climate and suitable soil conditions are a distant dream.

3. Exotic crops can be grown now in the area of black cotton soil

black cotton soil

The black soil in Gujarat is excellent for cotton cultivation as it swells and becomes sticky during the rainy season. This soil is a mature soil that is best suited for the cultivation of cotton. But, just because the soil can grow great quality cotton, is it suitable for every crop? Absolutely not! This reason was enough for farmers in Gujarat to go about with hydroponics farming.

Do you know?It is only because of Hydroponics that Gujarat farmers are successfully growing green garlic, gerbera, strawberries, and tomatoes.

4. Superior quality of flowers

hydroponics farming in gujarat

Everyone aims at dominating the global market, and the farmers in Gujarat have managed to do it with ease. Suppose you are wondering how, we are here to tell you. By using hydroponics, farmers in Gujarat have managed to control the rose quality. In fact, they are now obtaining superior combinations of color in roses. The flowers have longer stems, and the pest control on them has been unbelievable.

Do you know?Almost five varieties of roses are being produced in significant quantities, and their export is churning out a whopping 40 lakhs (turnover). Out of the 11 lakh stems that are harvested, 90 percent are being exported.

5. Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat Defeated the problems of soil limitations

hydroponics farming in gujarat

The soil was always the main component for plant growth. If the soil is bad, it poses serious limitations to the growth of your plants. Moreover, sometimes with unfavorable soil, other problems accompany. These include the presence of disease-causing microbes, low fertility, and others. Today, the hi-tech system of the hydroponics system has overcome these issues like a pro. In fact growing exotic crops on hydroponics systems are bringing in greater profits than cultivating conventional crops like mangoes or sugarcane brought.

6. Saves water like a dream

The hydroponics system has been a boon for Gujarat because the state is a water-deficient state. With the severe heatwave, rising levels of mercury, and being in the zone of scanty rainfall, Gujarat has very less water. And because of this reason hydroponics has been the best possible farming method for the farmers here.

7. Crops growing faster despite the constraints of rainfall and seasons

Hydroponics plants have a 50 percent faster growth rate compared to crops that grow in traditional farming. This hi-tech system is booming in Gujarat because farmers can grow without fretting about seasons and rainfall. A nutrient-rich solution is yielding high, and the plants have a growth boost.

8. Even beginners are acing it

The beginners can easily build this system. Hence, many youngsters in Gujarat are building homemade systems using PVC pipes and other cost-effective raw materials. The UPVC pipes especially need a special mention because the pipes act as the cheapest base to start hydroponics. You can use them anywhere, outdoors or indoors as they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Thus, in that additional bedroom of yours you can grow your veggies right inside your house with the inexpensive and durable UPVC pipes.  

Do you know? To assist hydroponics for beginners, the agricultural department of Gujarat is preparing to provide do-it-yourself videos for the same.

9. Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat Has overcome the problem of space constraint

Gujarat has very less arable space given the whole urbanization trend, and with the region in Kutch, being a wasteland. Thus, hydroponics systems are working fine in compact spaces. This farming method has helped the Gujarati farmers in curtailing their garden space and has helped to revert the space crisis.

Hydroponics Farming in Gujarat plans to double the area allotted under hydroponics

With such remarkable profits, leading agrotech projects in Gujarat aim at multiplying the area under the hydroponics system. We say why not? Because if you can get fresh, pure, and unadulterated produce without insecticides, then hydroponics is the way to go!