What to choose between aeroponics and hydroponics?

For anyone into farming, the frequent topic for discussion is to decide between aeroponics and hydroponics. Which is better and which to choose? Horticulturalists are always on the hunt for the most proactive, cost-effective and sustainable gardening forms. Let us get to the main difference between both. In hydroponics plants grow in a water solution that is rich in nutrients. In Aeroponics, roots are exposed and to a solution and also sprayed with it.

Thing to know: Hydroponics primarily relies on delivering a solution enriched with nutrients to the plants. Here the plant roots are submerged in the solution. Aeroponics on the other hand, involves growing the plants in an aerial environment in the absence of a growing medium. Plant roots in aeroponics are sprayed with nutrient-enriched water and the farming happens in a controlled environment without any exterior fluctuations, like climate or weather.

Different but similar, how?

Both aeroponics and hydroponics require water, they are different from one another and offer several benefits. Hydroponics is uses an inert medium that helps in holding the plants, when water gushes over the roots. While aeroponics secures the plants making using of exclusive clips.

Thing to know:With aeroponics, you have to suspend the roots in air, gently mist it and fog with spray nozzles for nutrient delivery to the plants. When plants are regularly misted in aeroponics system, they are prone to experience death and dryness. Plant set up for both the systems are substantially different.

Is aeroponics better?

Aeroponics can be your go-to because of the advantages mentioned below.

Less consumption of water

Hydroponics is the most preferred because the system reuses water but aeroponics consumes less water (25 percent less). You also require lesser nutrients as the nutrients are misted and not washed over the plant’s roots.

 Improved health of plants

You can carry out aeroponic farming in an enclosure. This system prevents contaminants from reaching your plants. You will be amazed at how this system is least affected by pests as they are typically grown inside greenhouses. When you garden aeroponically, you pay stern attention to the surrounding environment. This monitoring reduces the possibility of bacterial growth. You are eliminating the chance of bacterial growth and contamination that leads to miraculous health of plants.

Effortless transplanting

Aeroponics lets you remove plants easily from a growth medium. As it is your plants are aerially suspended with the roots exposed hence transplanting hardly involves any effort. Thus, you will also not end up damaging them. Inspecting the entirety of veggies and fruits without disturbing them will also be far easier.

Higher yields

The most notable benefit of aeroponics is that you get a higher yield. Since the plants receive the highest possible level of nutrition, they grow faster and larger. If you want to make profits, consider this expensive system. Not only do you get to harvest more ingredients but plant roots in aeroponics grow better. Hardier plants that grow with this system are resistant to diseases as well.

Is hydroponics better?

A boon for beginners

Hydroponic systems are suitable for beginners because they involve little initial costs. Aeroponics requires you to do research about the fundamental aspects of cultivating plants in water. Hydroponics on the other hand requires least amount of maintenance. You will control the flow of the nutrients your plants eventually receive. A beginner starting out with hydroponics can do without knowing about working with accurate timers or sensitive equipment.

Reusing water

Majority of the hydroponic systems are designed to recycle water. That means, you can have a sustainable garden without breaking a leg. With this method, the waste levels are also significantly lower as the system reuses essential nutrients for growth.

Wide variety of plants can be grown

When you are waiting to make a choice between hydroponics and aeroponics, you must know about all the things you can grow. Hydroponics lets you grow everything from celery to lettuce, mint, cucumbers, spinach, stevia and several others. On the other hand, aeroponics only lets you grow vine plants like tomatoes and a few leafy greens.

Lower setup costs

If you are intrigued about the exploring the water world to grow a large variety of plants, then you need to start with hydroponics. Aeroponics may sound a lot more interesting but the set up costs are astronomical. Hydroponics can be your cost-effective solution as you do not require any specialized machinery for producing nutrient-enriched mist.

The verdict

Aeroponics may be incredibly profitable and advanced but you need truckloads of specialized equipment. These include humidity controls, timers, pumps, misters and what not. Everything requires accurate and precise timing that you can do away with, in hydroponics. When contemplating between the two, hydroponics shines and comes out as the clear winner because you do not have to bear exorbitant set up costs.